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Neem oil application to repel Army worms from Apple trees:

Like all other fruit bearing tree Apple trees also suffer from serious pest actions. Insects are well-known to attack fruit bearing trees than the flowering ones. Especially insects in their initial stage or wormy phase are likely to be the culprits responsible for feeding of plant leaves as well as the fruit. Worms are the total destroyers in the sense they will not leave the host until they feed everything from the host. Apple trees witness the infestation of a worm type by the name Armyworm very often and farmers having apple farms bother about the attack of this insect.

These worms depict the initial phase in the life cycle of cutworm moth. Characteristic attack of this worm is not only observed in Apple tree but also in other types of fruit bearing trees. Since the worms are active in nights it is tough for the gardeners to identify their presence. Only in the daytime the deeds of worms are brought to limelight, which includes the holes in leaves and fruits eaten off.

Presence of worms is even difficult to seek out within the plant area. They are stealthy and therefore, they are nuisance. Propagation of their breed is rapid under certain conditions. As their name suggests they invade into the cultivated area as an army with which they have the ability to exploit the entire trees in short span of time.

In terms of control measure, Armyworms are difficult to get rid and application of synthetic insecticidal sprays can sometimes make the breeds resistive eventually promoting them to continue their infestation. Very vital reason for the difficulty in controlling them is because of their brownish green color of the body that camouflages with the plant debris present near the trees and most of the gardeners fail to notice their presence.

Organically, it has been proven that worms in general are repelled very well. In particular, universal natural oil like Neem oil is supposed to be the key product which has the potential anti-feed ant constituents to make fruits and leaves unsuitable for the worms to feed on. It has even been said that neem oil can hinder the life cycle of worms either. Offering a trial of certified neem oil is always safe for amateur gardeners rather giving it to an artificial product.


Author: Adam Teaser - neem articles


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