Cold pressed Neem oil
  EPA Registered Cold Pressed Neem Oil

Plasma Neem Oil
Plasma Neem® Oil (azadirachtin 3000 ppm) is the only cold pressed neem oil, approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency, as a Biological Insecticide. This product involves a revolutionary concept of stepping back to basics.  
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What is Plasma Neem® Oil (azadirachtin 3000 ppm)?

Plasma Neem®Oil is pure cold pressed neem oil having an azadirachtin content of 3750 ppm and with aflatoxin detection as per EU standards (currently the strictest norms).

Isn’t the azadirachtin content in cold pressed neem oil much lower?

Plasma Neem® Oil is extracted by our proprietary process of cold extraction which preserves the inherent active ingredient content in neem oil. With strict control on process parameters, we ensure that Plasma Neem® Oil contains the desired level of azadirachtin of 3750 ppm. Plasma Neem® Oil is pure cold pressed, unfortified neem oil, without any additives, whatsoever. Unlike azadirachtin formulations, no azadirachtin is added to Plasma Neem® Oil, as our unique process of extraction results in an azadirachtin content in excess of 3750 ppm.

Is Plasma NeemŽ Oil (azadirachtin 3750 ppm) the only cold pressed neem oil registered with the EPA?


How cost effective is Plasma Neem® Oil?

The cost per acre treated by spraying Plasma Neem® Oil, including the cost of emulsifier and labor for mixing; is quite comparable and cost effective.

Emulsifier can be mixed with Plasma Neem Oil because mixing it with water is tedious and laborious. Why not make it simpler?

Mixing Plasma Neem Oil with a separate surfactant or emulsifier, is an essential, additional operation. However this process preserves the inherent potential of cold pressed neem oil and thereby gives excellent efficacy. Moreover the cost of Plasma Neem Oil plus emulsifier is much lower than that of most neem formulations

Can I use Plasma Neem Oil for applications other than what is stated on the label?

Use of our product in any manner inconsistent with the label is against Federal Law.

Which is the best time to spray Plasma Neem® Oil?

Early morning or late in the evening.

What if it rains after spraying?

If it rains within 4 hours after spraying, repeat the spraying.

Will Plasma Neem® Oil freeze?

Plasma Neem® Oil will solidify at temperatures below 57.2o F (14o C). The 1.25 gallon and 2.5 gallon containers are wide mouthed to facilitate scooping of Plasma Neem® Oil when it is in a semi solid state for emulsification and foliar spraying.

How do I compute my requirement of Plasma Neem® Oil?

Please read the label to compute your exact requirements. A rule of thumb is to compute at 1 or 2 pints of Plasma Neem® Oil per acre, per spray application.

Area in acres x (1 or 2 pints as per the label) x (number of applications as per the label)= requirements in pints

Requirement in pints / 8 = requirement in gallons.


Certifications of Plasma Neem® Oil for organic production