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Garden pests and their Organic control using neem:

Garden is not only a medium of crop cultivation but also a habitat for insects to breed and feed. Just like farms, Garden plants were infected by some pests which include aphids, thrips, Japanese beetles, cutworms, cabbage borers, etc. Controlling these pests using general pesticides will not be effective in gardens as the condition in a garden is different from farms. Moreover, such pesticides make the plants vulnerable in their growth or even end in loss. Hence proper product is required for the pest treatment to avoid the risks in gardens. Most of the Gardeners are amateurish in tackling the pests and protecting the plants from being damaged because gardening has been an interest or a hobby for people lacking professionalism. Furthermore, the technique of control varies with the pests. Therefore, study of such pests and their nature can provide an outline of their control.

Aphids are referred as plant lice. They are minute, pear-shaped and soft-bodied insect seen with different body colors particularly feeding on the sap of plant. Aphids have special antennae for sensing and some of its kind posses transparent wings which look like a cover at their back. Neem oil can serve as the best organic product for treatment of aphids which on spraying eradicates their population completely and also repels the further invasion of the insect. Alternatively homemade garlic sprays can be used as well for their control.

Japanese beetles are kind of insects that feed on the outer parts of plant. They have a special kind of wings called elytra. They lay eggs over the leaves of the plants and multiply quickly feeding the leaves at initial stages. Same Neem oil spray can effectively control the larvae as well as the adult beetles in the garden. Neem oil ingested by the larvae, exterminates it.

Thrips feed on the stems of the plant by hiding in the crevices of the stem. Thrips is light colored insect with fringed wings. Thrips menace can be controlled by spraying dormant oil. Insecticidal soap sprays can be used for nymphs of thrips.


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