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Best homemade organic pesticides:

Even though we came across many scientific developments in field treatment, there was not much effect we saw, and still we find the better ways and products day by day to cope with against the recent threats not completely controlling it but up to some extent. This makes to think of the ancient days, what would have been inculcated to keep the field safer from the pests and viruses that existed? Obviously, they would have overcome those using products derived from the Mother Nature. Every single solution they take was dependent on nature, and also they found effective at their age. And this practice of using organic products in fields if continued can also bring us better results hopefully. Moreover, these organic pesticides are homemade, and so it is cost effective.

1. Neem:

Neem, a tree originated in the middle and south eastern part of the world is known as a best Ayurvedic medicine that can serve as a curative for most of the ailments. It also holds a lab test record that it contains effective pesticidal constituents and thus called as best organic pesticide. Neem oil which is an extract from the seeds or leaves of this tree along with the necessary anti-pest compounds is worth spraying over the fields to get rid of the pests.

To make a Neem oil spray, Just mix half ounce of EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered high quality Neem oil in half liter of water with some tablespoon of mild detergent liquid or powder to it and stirred slowly. Specially made spray bottle with push button nozzle at the top us used to spray the pesticide over the field crops efficiently.

2. Tobacco Spray:

Use of Tobacco is known for its adverse side of creating diseases in humans, but it also proved to be one of the proactive organic pesticides. It can completely cure insects like aphids, caterpillars, etc. Preparation of Tobacco spray is as easy as Neem oil spray, Mix Pure Organic Tobacco (Strictly) with one gallon of water and allow it to settle down. The residue obtained will be a light brown colored liquid. Use that liquid to spray over the infected parts of the plant and in the breeding place of the insects.
Note: Make sure that Tobacco spray is not used over solanaceous plants like tomato, pepper and egg plant.

3. Salt Spray:

Salt, a commodity used in daily life spread its area of application into farms as an insecticide. Crystal salts are observed to cure the plant infected by spider mites. To prepare the Salt spray, Take 2 to three teaspoons of crystal salt and mix it in one gallon of warm water. This mixture is used as a spraying liquid and sprayed over the infested parts.


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