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Plasma Power® is the result of years of research to select, extract and supply botanical products for pest control in agriculture.  
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Karanja Cake

Plasma Karanja® Cake

karanja cake

We crush the seeds from Pungam/Karanja tree, to extract Karanja® Oil. The Karanja tree (Pongammia glabra syn Pongammia Pinnata) can be seen throughout India and Karanja tree is popularly known for its medicinal properties, and it is traditionally used for about thousand years.

We manufacture Karanja Cake by processing pure karanja seeds, and we crush pure karanja seeds ,extract karanja oil from it.Karanja cake contains high N-P-K values, and it is really an excellent organic fertilizer.

  Specifications Application rate
Karanjain : >1500 ppm
Aflatoxin : Nil. Tested by TLC
Oil content : 6.0% min
Moisture : 9.0% max
Total Ash : 7.5% max
Nitrogen : 3.5% minimum
Phosphorus : 0.5% minimum
K as K20 : 0.5% minimum
(kg. per hectare)
250 kgs to 500 kgs per hectare

(lb per acre)
220 to 450 lbs per acre

A study conducted by the International Institute of Bio Technology and Toxicology on the bio efficacy of Plasma Karanja Cake in controlling tomato root knot nematodes (Meloidogyne incognita), concluded that the efficacy of Plasma Karanja Cake granules was superior to that of commercial neem cake and was on par to that of Carbofuran™, the only recommended chemical nematicide in the market.

karanja cake
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