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Hair care natural recipes:

Hair caring is a need for youngsters in particular and also some elders those who want to look up their beauty even though they grow older. People at young ages get hair problems because of improper diet. If they maintain an inappropriate diet, there will be nutritional imbalance in their body, which is the root cause for hair disorders. Vitamin deficiency shows symptoms in hair like dandruff, falling, thinning and graying of hair at early stages.

To get rid of dandruff, take a tablespoon of camphor with few ml of coconut oil and mix both. In the place of coconut oil, you can also use neem oil instead for even better results. This recipe is stored in an air-tight container and applied over the scalp every night before going to bed. Try to practice it regularly for 15-20 days. One more recipe for dandruff control can be the mixture of neem/coconut oil and mustard or castor oil. Take a shampoo bath in the morning rinsing the scalp thoroughly as these oil smells heavy.

Hair loss is seen often in middle ages, and it's due to lack of protein in their diet. To control hair loss or falling to try to use almond or coconut oil massaging gently to spread over the scalp for few minutes on the daily basis. Or boil the neem leaves in water, cool it and uses it while taking bath. To increase protein in the body, add green leafy vegetables, milk, sprouts, buttermilk, Soya beans, whole grains and nuts in the daily diet.

Another concern is graying of hair; this defect in hair occurs normally at old ages, but sometimes it is unusual to see in teens. This early occurrence is called as premature graying. It is heard that honey being spilt over the hair can cause such as graying. A paste is prepared by using a tablespoon of fenugreek seed powder, curd, coffee powder and two tablespoons of hair dye powder, mint juice, basil leaf juice. This paste is applied gently over the hair and left for few hours in order to make the hair color darker. Later wash the hair using shampoo. Taking a tablespoon of honey-grated ginger mix daily can bring better results.

Itchy scalps are due to the lack of hair care. Remedial measure for itchy scalps includes the use of medicated oil like neem oil in the roots of the hair, applying the mixture of coconut oil and lime juice on alternate days, proper protein diet, intake of carrot, lettuce and all other green leafy vegetable juices can show up better results. Rub the hair thoroughly with a bath towel after washing to set up the blood circulation which in turn makes the sebaceous glands function.

Author: Adam Teaser- neemoil articles

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