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Outstanding benefits of Neem leaf:

Evergreen tree, neem is well known for its wide benefits. Each Part of the neem trees has different properties corresponding to the area of application. Organic Neem oil extracted from the seeds of the neem trees has a characteristic use in agriculture as pesticide; likewise, neem leaf and root in the form of powder are used as the herbal supplement in health care. Neem products have the capability of treating ailments such as malaria, diabetes, arthritis, acne, ulcers, gouts, psoriasis, rheumatism, eczema, etc. and even some types of cancer.

Neem leaf has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-septic properties and is used as a vital ingredient in most of the herbal health care products available in the market. It is also observed that the neem leaf is active and effective in the treatments. The personal use of neem products strictly needs a physician advice. However, considering its application as a crop supplement in farms, no extra skill or advice before use is required. Moreover, some environmental agencies promote neem for use in the farm as a bio-pesticide for better improvement in the agricultural production as well as the standard by avoiding the loss due to pests. Thus the role of neem leaf as insecticide or fungicide was more concerned rather than its health care benefits.

Insects in the garden are of varieties and there are about 200 types of destructive insects that are possible to exist in a garden or farm. Research over these insect types using neem leaf revealed positive results in controlling almost all the insects and is believed that it is because of the presence of a complex tetranortriterpenoid compound, Azadirachtin in neem leaf. Control of certain insects depends on the concentration of the azadirachtin present. Neem leaf does not terminate insects rather it alters the activities of insects delicately, which makes it repelled from the existence and their breeding is prevented in turn. Efficient treatment of ticks in pets is another application of the leaf.

Neem leaf as a fungicide has a different outlook that it cures the diverse fungal infections. It serves noxious to fungal growth, and thus it hinders the lesions from the further spread. Severe fungal diseases like athlete's foot, ringworm, etc. were completely cured by neem leaf in the form of paste. The paste is prepared by mixing neem leaf powder with water and applied over the lesions of infection. Then it is covered up by using a bandage to avoid festering.

Author: Adam Teaser - neem articles

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