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Neem oil for dogs:

Pet care is an obligation for all pet owners in order to keep their pets clean and free from infections. Pets are easily affected by parasites causing skin disorders. Considering dogs in particular, they fall prey to many allergies and infections by the mites, fleas and various other parasites if left without care. Dogs are being loved for their skin nature and these skin ailments make them horrible. Consequently pet owners should make sure that their dogs are safe from skin infections. In addition it is a menace for them to clear the parasites completely from their derma as they will be plenty in numbers holding onto the skin. It needs rigorous skin care method that has to be followed once in 3 to 4 days because these skin infecting mites get over the skin easily and starts multiplying rapidly. Rashes and manges in dogs are contagious too. It spreads all over the body of the pet within few days causing severe hair loss and red spots. This kind of contagions should be rectified at early stages before it ends fatal.

The reason for skin infections is not solely depend on the activity of parasites but also by some external factors like diet of the dog, allergic to some other animal, environmental condition of the house, sometimes due to people, climatic conditions, grass and insects.

  • Diet of dogs can cause skin itching and infections in such a way that some food items are allergic to dogs even though they love to eat. For instance, few dogs are allergic to wheat glutens, Soya, corns, etc. as these food products can repress the immune capacity of the dog which in turn serves as an advantage for the skin infections to spread without fight back. A remedial measure for this issue involves the providing proper diet avoiding the allergic foods.
  • Dogs playing with other animal can be the source for transfer of allergens affecting skin.
  • Environmental condition engrosses the humidity changes inside the house that can invert the skin nature causing infection.
  • Some dogs are allergic to grass but the case is very few in numbers.
  • People can be one of the factors for transmitting the allergens to the pets.
  • Insects are the major means of spreading skin destructive allergens.

These external factors can be countered using Neem oil, which has the anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-microbial and anti-fungal characteristics by nature. Applying Neem oil over the infected area of skin in routine can reduce the rash that has been caused. It can also be used to get rid of insects breeding nearby as it constitutes insecticidal properties as well. Neem oil shampoo is used for dogs to keep them free from parasites and insects that transfer allergens. Thus Neem oil will be the one and only best solution for pet skin care.

Disclaimer: Medicinal, healthcare,  veterinary uses and other applications not related to the pesticide uses listed on our label such as Plasma Neem does not support these claims. Views represented in this article are not necessarily that of Plasma Power.


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