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Guide for application of Neem oil on plants:

Neem oil, a valuable pesticide and insecticide, is most commonly used organic product by the gardeners and farmers. However, due to lack of guidance for the novice regarding the application of neem oil in farms some side effects were faced. Thus it requires some precautionary steps to be followed for its better use. Problem arising due to the use of neem oil involves few error factors, which need to be addressed. Try to imitate the steps mentioned below to overcome the errors that were made.

Amount or quantity of neem oil in use will be one of the common error factors which most of the fresh gardeners and farmers make. They are unaware about the proportion of oil and water necessary for the desired area of cultivated land and this makes them to use high dosage without knowledge. This in turn affects growth or cause burns in leaves. So the correct proportion will be a tablespoon of neem oil for one fourth litre of water and four tablespoons of neem oil for a gallon of water. Strictly avoid adding neem oil than the recommended quantity out of wish. Higher concentration will not much effect.

Steps in the manual preparation of neem oil sprays are mistaken often without proper prescription. Manual method of producing neem oil spray has to be done by first adding the measured quantity of water, especially warmer to the spray container then add some drops of eco-friendly detergents or soapy liquids. Finally infuse the neem oil in drops as well. If Neem oil is mixed before the detergents, the oil will be floating as such without any dispersing into the water which makes the spraying ineffective.

Spraying of the pesticide is done in such a way that it spreads to every single crop in the field. Once in a while shake the mixture in the spray container to blend well because if the container is left undisturbed the oil particles that have been dispersed in the solution will start floating and makes the spray neem oil less. Neem oil can be used for household plants. Moreover, it is not harmful when those plants used for feeding pets if the dosage of oil used is milder.

The time of spraying is more important which only fewer gardeners are aware of. Try to spray during night time or cooler hours of the day like past morning or late evening instead of spraying during the mid-noon when the sunrays has its highest degree. Hot weather conditional spraying causes curling of leaves.

Leftover neem oil solution should be disposed as soon as the application is over or mix with some new solution. Do not use the solution after a day or even few hours from its preparation as it starts breaking down.

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