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Natural cure for Vitiligo using Neem:

Vitiligo is disarray in skin pigmentation forming white scraps due to the malfunctioning of melanocytes. The exact reason for the occurrence of this disorder is not yet explained by the Doctorates. However, it has been suggested that Vitiligo has the probability of being caused due to inheritance, by the reduced immune system, increase in stress, neural problem or may be due to viral infections. Defect in the genes that are controlling the melanocytic activities and immune system are also related to this disorder. Vitiligo is otherwise called as Leucoderma. Leuco means colorless and derma means skin. Thus white patches resemble the colorless skin.

Non-segmental and Segmental are the two classified types of Vitiligo. Non segmental type of Vitiligo commonly occurs rather than Segmental.  Teens are mostly affected by the Non-segmental Vitiligo which is caused generally due to stress and immune deficiency but in case of Segmental the reason directly relies on the hereditary problem. In NSV, white lesions are seen in parts of hand, faces and feet. In the Segmental, entire body is seen with patches and can spread quickly than NSV. People suffering from Vitiligo will get affected by sunburns, and it is due to the absence of melanin pigments. Furthermore, the ailment is likely to cause emotional distress in people because of the flaw in skin beauty.

Treatment of Vitiligo is not made sure yet. Moreover, the ailment cannot be cured completely, but it is observed that few natural therapies have helped out people by reducing the white lesion appearance, to some extent. These treatments benefit in relieving the distress of a patient about their beauty.

Neem oil, a natural product available in the market is used for this purpose. It was believed that application of neem oil over the skin can not only protect the skin from infections but also improve the color of derma in cases like Vitiligo. Direct use of pure herbal neem oil should be avoided as it can cause irritation in skin when exposed to sun. So it is advised to use neem oil in the form of shampoo, soap or cream. Registered products of neem are strictly recommended along with the prescription of Dermatologists for this treatment. Be careful in purchasing neem oil online. Another natural therapy includes the use of cotton seed pastes, and the latex obtained from Banyan tree for the colorization of white lesions. Intake of juice made using wheat grass once in three days can also help in improving the color of skin.

Author: Adam Teaser - neem articles

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