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  EPA Registered Cold Pressed Neem Oil

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Plasma Power has been engaged in the production of bio pesticides and bio fertilizers ever since 1996. The mission statement of the company has been to constantly improve the products of the company by rigorously adhering to
the standards, which we set ourselves and by constant innovation
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Plasma Neem(r) Oil (azadirachtin 3750 ppm) is the first and only pure, cold pressed neem oil, which is registered with the EPA as a biological insecticide for both crop and non crop uses as well as for the control for root knot nematodes. Actual users, mix Plasma Neem Oil with a suitable emulsifier for use as a foliar spray or as a soil drench..

The proprietary process of cold pressing deployed by Plasma Power, ensures the high level of active ingredient which is substantially more than the active ingredient content in commercial, cold pressed neem oil.

Recently Plasma Power completed EPA registration for Plasma Neem Oil EC, which is a readily emulsifyable grade of Plasma Neem.

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