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Neem for the treatment of anal fissure or piles:

Piles is an anal disorder which causes swelling of veins that are protruded at the anal opening. Later the swollen veins starts bleeding due to rupture of tissues between the rectum and the anus. The purpose of anus is to exhaust the routine metabolic wastes and thus the pressure while discharging cause severe pain along with blood, oozing out while release. Piles are mainly caused by the strain during defecation. Other root cause includes the weaker veins at the rectum walls that protrudes in later stages. These veins which engorged are sometimes called as varicose veins.

There are two types of piles that exists, one is external piles and the other is internal piles. External piles means veins seen extended outside the anal gap and in internal piles the engorged veins lie inside the anal cavity itself being coiled. Constipation can be another vital reason for piles as due to the infrequent bowl movement the pressure for discharging the stools will be higher. Piles are seen common in old aged people suffering from chronic coughing and in pregnant women. At initial stages people suffering from piles will not be aware of the disorder they have because piles does not cause pain initially, it is identified only when there is any bleed or pain. A consultation of a physician is very important as the above starting symptoms were also seen in colon cancer.

Another different anal disorder after piles is anal fissure. Anal fissure is due to anal intercourse, traumatic childbirth or post operative cuts. This fissure at anus causes ulcer and instills severe pain during defecation. It is sometimes said that the congenital weakness at anal veins may be hereditary. During diarrhea, the condition will be pathetic for the people suffering from this unbearable disorder.

A home remedial treatment for piles includes the application of neem as it is best in most of the inflammatory ailments. Neem is considered to be the best of all products that is used for the remedy of piles. Neem recipe for piles: Take neem seed powder and the roots of holy basil herb and store it dry in a container. This supplement mixture should be taken everyday along with a glass of buttermilk for about 2 weeks. Effective healing of piles can be seen from the third week.

Both the constituents of the mixture has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover basil leaves helps in proper digestion and routine bowl movement whereas neem seeds produces laxatives which helps in free movement of stools without pressure. To stop the bleeding while defecation try to take a glass of goat’s milk with the tablespoon of black sesame paste and few pinches of jaggery for taste. Surely it can clear the bleed process.

For Anal fissures, the neem leaves and holy basil leaves are grinded to paste and applied as a poultice at the external infected place.

Author: Adam Teaser - neem articles

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