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For over a decade, Plasma Power® has been dedicated to the production of botanicals for pest control and to enhance soil fertility and to promote organic agriculture using Neem oil organic pesticides and insecticides.  
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The Neem Tree

neem tree
Traditionally known as the "village pharmacy", the Neem tree's pesticidal,insecticidal and medicinal properties have been known and used for centuries in India.

The bark and leaves of the neem tree are used in the preparation of cosmetics, health care products and medicinal.preparations. The kernel of the neem fruit is crushed to yield neem oil which is used chiefly in pest control products and also in medicinal, cosmetic and health care products.
The residue after crushing the kernel is neem cake, which is an excellent organic fertilizer. Even the twigs of the tree are used as toothbrushes for dental hygiene. Small wonder that scientists have yet to come across a more beneficial tree!

Active Ingredients of Neem

The active constituent of Neem is made up of about 40 different active compounds called Tetranortriperpernoids, or more specifically, liminoids.

These liminoids, when ingested by the insect, create hormonal disruptions which prevent the insect from feeding, breeding or metamorphosing.

The Wonder of Azadirachtin - Neem Chemical Composition

ripe and green neem fruit
The main active ingredient of Neem is Azadirachtin (C35H44O16), a tetranortriterpenoid. It exhibits antifeedant, insect repellent and insect sterilization properties. It is so potent that quantities as low as 1 ppm will totally repel certain insects. It interferes with ecdysone, the key insect molting hormone and prevents larvae and pupae from completing the molting process.Insects treated with Azadirachtin during the larval and pupal stages,comprising 60-70 percent of their lives, generally die within 3 - 14 days.
Unlike chemical insecticides, it works on the insect's hormonal system, not on the digestive or nervous system, and does not lead to development of resistance in future generations.

Neem Oil manufactured by Plasma

neem seeds
Azadirachtin by itself is an effective insect antifeedant and repellant. However, best results are obtained when azadirachtin works synergistically with other liminoids in neem. Plasma Neem Oil has an azadirachtin content of 3000 ppm and a minimum of 1500 ppm (0.15%) of salannin and nimbin, thereby assuring a multi pronged defense against pests.
Plasma Power with its unique proprietary process (Indian Patent: 187750) extracts oil and cake with very high content of azadirachtin and all the other active ingredients, to harness the real power of neem.

Medicinal and Cosmetic properties of Neem

The medicinal and cosmetic properties attributed to neem are so numerous that they invoke disbelief! Neem leaves and neem bark are reported to be effective for cuts, bruises, skin disorders and acne; and as a cosmetic to remove skin blemishes. Medically, it is effective as an analgesic, especially for earaches and headaches. It is also reported to be effective in controlling Type II diabetes. In fact, neem leaves are traditional herbs for treating diabetes (Alam et al, 1989) and has been specifically proven to be effective in preventing and treating the disease (Murthy, 1978).

Caution: These claims on the curative power of neem products have not been substantiated by clinical trials. Do not attempt these home remedies without consulting your physician. Plasma Power neither claims nor repudiates the curative powers of neem.

Most herbal remedies are comprised of neem oil, neem bark and neem leafes.

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