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Cockroaches control in garden using neem oil:

Roaches are the oldest type of insects as per research, and they are considered to be self-adaptive in any environment. There are about 4500 kinds of species in Roaches among which most of the species are found in the human environment, and some are found as pests in the garden. Since cockroaches feed mainly on the organic matters, household cockroaches are destructive to an extent but not equals to those found in the garden because the garden roaches destroy the plants, vegetables and fruits intensively. More population of cockroaches will be a menace to control.

Around 50 species exists in United States and in common, types like American cockroach, Brown banded and German cockroaches found there. Cockroaches are observed to breed in moist area and especially driven by the foul smell. American Cockroaches in special have pair of wings that help in their quick locomotion. Thus it needs effective control before they damage whole garden or other organic matters in the house. The insect belongs to nocturnal type, and it is not seen in the daytime often. They start to invade during night times from the there breeding place.

Using synthetic insecticide for control of roaches is not sufficient enough to eradicate the whole population. Consequently, as an alternative treatment, use of organic insecticides revealed better results than the synthetic insecticides. Neem oil one such bio-insecticide has the ability to repel the insect from their breeding place thereby avoid the damage completely caused by them. It has also been proven that application of neem oil as insecticide can control most of the insect species. The specialty of Neem oil is that it terminates the insect groups which have strong resistive power against other insecticides, and it's because of a complex constituent Azadirachtin that breaks the resistivity capacity in insects on its feeding. Furthermore, Salannin, an insecticidal compound present in neem oil has the property of repelling biting insects, in particular. Thus, both these constituents of the Oil help in the control of Cockroaches.

Spraying of Neem oil over the breeding area once or twice in a week can resist the roaches from their invasion into the host area. However, certain precautionary measures need to make sure before using neem oil spray that first consists of the avoidance of spraying at high exposure of sunlight in the garden and during the visits of beneficial insects like bees, ladybugs, etc.. Moreover, deter spraying the oil over the plant which has damaged root system as it will increase the decay.

Author: Adam Teaser - neem articles

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