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Homemade treatment for Dog Mange using Neem oil:

Generally, Dogs are vulnerable to parasites like mange mites and ticks. They easily get infected by these diminutive organisms and are at the risk of getting pathetic skin infestation, which can spread rapidly ruining the skin nature of the animal. Among the commonly occurring skin ailment in dog Mange is one type that has the possibility becoming a hereditary disorder. Usually Manges are caused by Demodex and Sarcoptes types of mites.

Demodectic mange is frequently seen in young puppies having a poor immune capacity, and thus it is otherwise called as puppy mange. The rashes created by the action of Demodex mites appear red in texture, so it has another identification name called Red mange. These mites are microscopic in size that exists or occurs in most of the mammals and get transmitted to the other host in case of direct contact. In initial stage the small rash patches occur particularly over the front face and at the back of the neck. On dogs having poor immunity the mature stage of mange is characterized by large lesions spread all over the body creating a frequent itching sensation on the dog that makes it ferocious and looks pale red.

In case of Sarcoptic mange the skin infection generally occurs under ears and abdomen as the Sarcoptes scabiei mite causing this ailment prefers hairless skin. On the progress of the disease, the entire body gets infected. Itchiness is brought by the locomotion of the mites. The mites are likely to cause Scabies on humans when they have contact with the affected host. Sarcoptic mange requires proper identification before opting for the treatment because the characteristics of the disease are often mistaken as usual skin disorder.

Most of the dog owners are unaware about the apt treatment that they necessarily need to carry in order to eradicate such infestation. Veterinarian prescription for the treatment of mange is necessary when an animal is affected worse but in case it is detected earlier, primary homemade treatment can be given, which includes the application of mineral oil like Neem oil over the mange skin. Neem oil doesn't have the efficiency to cure the disease to the fullest in mature condition, but it can be used on puppies and adult dogs with fewer mange lesions. By applying neem oil, the immune capacity of the animal is boosted up thereby it controls the further progress of the mites action on the skin. Neem oil shampoos can also be used instead of usual synthetic dog shampoos as one way of treating the mange.

Author: Adam Teaser - neem articles

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