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Green Peach Aphids control using EPA Neem oil insecticide:

Aphids are petite and pulpy insects known widely for their distinctive attack of sucking plant nutrients and leaving it dry. Normally, aphids are seen attacking various Solanaceous crops such as potato, peppers, tomatoes, etc., In particular, an aphid breed called Green Peach Aphid (Myzus persicae) is observed to have an influential attack on different crops with different symptoms. Peach gardens and potato farms of United States and Canada extensively procure plant diseases caused by this insect breed often. Tender Smooth peaches undergo rough face of this aphid attack than those have hard surfaced peaches. Since aphids procreate vastly during summer months, the young ones called nymphs wander to various host plant varieties expanding their boundary of impairment. This transfer of aphids from one plant to the other can also spread new fungal infections in plants because of the dew which the insect excretes after sucking the plant nutrients. In addition to plants, weeds that are grown within the farm will serve as the breeding place for the species.

Curling of leaves and flowers are the common symptoms observed in the plants after aphid’s action, which eventually affects the formation of fruits in the Plant. Greenhouse plants will witness failure in the shoot system if the population of the insect is not controlled. Nectarine, young peach having smooth skin will suffer injury created by the aphids on its feed that finally ruins further growth of the fruit. Green Peach Aphid is considered to be one of the destructive insects of Potatoes where they cause the Potato virus Y and Potato leafroll virus on their due course of attack.
All these infestations of Green Peach Aphids can be controlled effortlessly if the population of the aphids is less but when they start procreating themselves during summer it will be difficult to eradicate as well as protect the plant from the consequential effects of the aphid attack. Therefore, it is very vital to control the aphid population in order to ensure protection in the potato farm or peach garden. Intensive inspection of the insect should be done in the farm prior taking the control measures.

While coming to the controlling method, Organic insecticidal sprays can be offered a trial to make sure effective control and protection from environmental side effects. Particularly, Neem oil extract certified by Environmental Protection Agency of US can be used against the insects by spraying in the garden and farms regularly as the organic product owns the characteristic of an insecticide with the presence of a unique constituent called Azadirachtin. To some extent, this extract can control the insects and also keep the plants safe from further invasion of aphids by repelling the insects with its strong foul smell. The population of aphids can also be controlled biologically by encouraging few predator insects like lacewings, lady beetles, Syrphid flies, etc. in the farm.


Author: Adam Teaser - neem articles

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