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Neem oil treatment for lawn grub worms:

Worms are kind of insects that feed on plantations damaging the lawn or garden to its worst condition. Lawn grub worm is one such type considered to be one of the destructive insects in gardens of US. These grub worms seem to be the initial stage of Japanese beetles. Adult beetles lay the eggs in the garden plant leaves during the mid-summer which gives rise to larvae on the post season. Moreover, it is the season when insecticide applications for the control of insects found to be futile especially during the unexpected spring seasonal rain that makes the sprayed products get washed off completely from the garden. So the treatment of such worms will be difficult and the damage will be at its peak at that time.

Characteristic damage made by these worms includes the ingestion of the roots of the plants leaving the garden/lawn dry and dreadful. Even though the eggs are laid on the leaves these larvae generally after feeding the leaves return to the soil and start damaging the plant roots. In addition, another risk of grub worms is that they are likely to invite some unwanted pests which again serve to be destructive for the plants. Thus the treatment of worms needs to be taken as early as possible to avoid the complete spoiling of plants.

Detection of worms is the preliminary stage of the treatment, and it is made by identification of grunge patches first and digging the soil is done later. If identified, further treatment includes the use of organic product over the infested area. Day time of the spring season will not be apt to spray insecticides so spraying is done at nights for effective repelling of worms.

Considering selection of organic product, Neem oil will be a proficient bio-insecticide which is already well known in controlling Japanese beetles. Spraying of Neem oil can inhibit the laying and hatching of eggs as well the growth of worms over the plant leaves. Neem oil in soil can also repel them in feeding the roots of the plants. Thus neem oil can ensure complete eradication of the worms with utmost efficiency.

Other controlling methods of worms consists of spurting the milky spores collected from the spore disease over the area of worms so that ingestion of spore terminates the worms which on further decay produce more spores in the soil helping in constant termination. Nematodes, type of beneficial bacteria is also sprayed either in the form of liquid or with the combination of water on the infected part that can destroy the worms instantly.

Author: Adam Teaser - neem articles

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