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Neem oil for Nail fungus treatment:

Funguses are kind of microorganisms, which are both beneficial as well as harmful to all living things. Some of the beneficial fungus includes yeast, myzhorriza etc. But most of the fungus types are harmful causing infections over beings. They cause itchiness, inflammation, redness, thickening of skin, flakiness in skin, sometimes even bleeding on damage of infected part. Considering the human body, fungus infection may occur in any part of the body but mostly perceptible in skin. A report by the Department of Health and Human Services states that over 30 million people of US get nail fungus very often, which is why it requires attention for an effective treatment. Fungus in nails is a common infection that mainly occurs due to dampness in nails. The factor causing nail dampness is obviously due to constant wearing of socks and shoes or gloves, the moist inside the socks stays below the nails due to improper cleaning after the use of the shoes. It is also known that fungus survives or even grows vigorously in humid conditions thus a wet nail can serve as a better place for its growth that develops the fungicidal infection on later stage. Symptoms include a change in the color of nail, redness around the nail, increased itchiness, severe pain and thickening of the nail. It is difficult to treat the fungus in nails in the mature period. So the treatment of nail fungus will be first starting with the prevention from the attack of the fungus.

  • Prevention can be done by washing the nails properly and keeping it dry every time. Sharing of personal materials like socks, shoes and gloves should be avoided because the transfer of fungus is observed through that.
  • Nail polishing can be used as a technique in entrapping the fungus inside the nail from further action.
  • Manicuring of nails using salt water can terminate the fungal growth immediately. Note: Be careful in choosing a manicurist.
    There is no special nail oil for this treatment but the use of fungicidal organic oil like Neem oil can be used over the infected part for eradication of the fungus since it is evaluated as effective insecticide and fungicide by EPA. Neem in the form of creams will also be apt to this treatment.

Necessary diet is needed for the good growth of nails after the treatment. Thus Nails require personal attention for their maintenance.

Author: Adam Teaser - neem articles

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