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Neem oil – ayurvedic treatment of rashes:

Skin rashes are nothing but the disarray in the appearance, color and texture of skin. The causes of rashes may be of several reasons; it may be due to any disease, skin infection by allergens, illness, etc. A rash can occur at a particular part of the body, or it can also spread all over the body. The characteristic nature of rashes will be the frequent itchiness that creates a swelling due to repeated rubbing over the infested part. The skin becomes warm and reddish in color instilling severe pain. In case of diseases like measles, chicken pox, acne or psoriasis, skin is inflamed first then leads to rashes if left untreated. Worst kinds of rashes are seen in condition like eczema, Intertrigo and those caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi. Contact dermatitis is a most commonly occurring disease that creates rashes when the skin comes into contact with any irritant or allergic substance.

The spread of the rashes depends on its cause, in general, rashes spread rapidly and make the treatment difficult on continuous scratching of the rashes. Exceptionally, in certain cases, rashes are contagious and have the capability of spreading to the neighboring person from the host under a severe skin illness condition. The symptoms for the worst rash include fever, bright red patches around the rash with itchy swelling, sometimes removal of dermal layer on repeated scratch, spreads fast when it occurs between skin folds. Rashes reduce the comfort level of the patient and also create shyness in them.

Treatment of this skin condition needs proper diagnose, a dermatologist’s prescription is required strictly. As the rashes occur in many ways and types it is essential for diagnosis before taking up the curative product. Examine the type of rash and the stage of rash, treatment at an early stage is easier than at the mature stage. Use of ointments and lotions for rashes were observed to be ineffective and requires continuous application. Thus a natural ayurvedic treatment reveals a better result within few days unlike artificial medications. Natural Neem oil can help in the treatment of rashes despite it types. Neem contains anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties accordingly it can reduce the swelling in rashes and its further spreading. Apply neem oil over the dry rash skin daily once.

Note: Use of Neem oil can be consulted with dermatologists before its application for safety even though it is a natural product.

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