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Neem oil for tomato leaf curl virus:

Like all other plant disease, leaf curling is also one kind seen in a wide variety of flowering plants. In particular, some of the fruit bearing plants with prominent occurring of leaf curl includes tomato plants and peach tree. Further considering tomato plant, in particular, it belongs to nightshade family, which is a distinct category of plant infected by leaf curling disorder. Generally leaf curls are due to the virus, and sometimes it is also said that intense sunlight heat can cause curls in weaker plants.

Recent research reveals that Tomato leaves are attacked due to a virus that is spread by whiteflies from the infected plants. Whiteflies are commonly seen in tropical as well in sub-tropical areas and occasionally in greenhouse of temperate regions. They feed on leaves which will be the factor for transferring virus from an infected plant to an uninfected plant. It takes about half a month for the plants to show up the symptoms of the disease after infection.

Some of the symptoms observed were stunt growth of plant, contraction in the size of leaves, yellow lining in curled leaves, shrinking of flowers, affects the fruit bearing potency of the plant and thus inhibits its yield later stage. Settling of whiteflies at the lower surface of leaves during night time can spread the disease to other parts and to the adjacent plants as well. This disease varies with the location and not with the seasons. Some weeds grown in the field are the other factor for spread of the disease.

Gardeners and farmers are unaware about the spread of the disease, and thus they are left without the exact treatment method. They face huge loss in harvest season because of this mess as the progress of the disease is rapid at that time.

Controlling of leaf curl virus:

  • If it is a garden growing tomato plants, then necessary insect proofing finer mesh nets should be provided around the garden, whereas in fields it is impossible for netting, so alternate solution will be the spraying of effective insecticide.
  • Transplanting of tomato plant from the greenhouse to the field should be done after a mature period of about 30 to 45 days since whiteflies targets young plants, mainly for their feed.
  • Ample space should be provided between the rows of plants so that overlapping, which is one of the reasons for spreading of disease can be controlled.
  • Instead of using synthetic insecticides, organic oil spray like neem oil spray can be used for efficient insect repelling.

Most of the farmers in US adopt Neem oil spray in their fields not only for this particular insect spreading this disease but also for exterminating all insects that cause various other diseases.

Author: Adam Teaser - neem articles

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