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Top Three Reasons why farmers must choose Organic Pesticide/ Insecticide for Farming.

Farmers heavily depend on their farms for livelihood, most of the farmers earning depends on what they yield on their farms. Farmers are hammered heavily by the insects, pests, rats etc.  That kills and destroys the crops which eventually bring a huge financial and energy loss on behalf of farmers. The usage of Organic pesticides is getting high due to several reasons. These are the three reasons which I personally feel why farmers must consider using Organic Pesticides/ Insecticides for the protection of their crops.    

Three major reasons why farmers must choose Organic Pesticide/ Insecticide for Farming

Reason 1 - Farmer’s Health and Environmental Effects

Those days’ farmers do not know the value of organic pesticide and they apply artificial insecticide or pesticide on their farms. But slowly they became aware that applying artificial insecticide or pesticide has got some harmful health effects to the farmers as well as to the environment.  People can suffer with unidentified infections and diseases due to the usage of artificial insecticide/pesticide. Here you can see a fantastic article about the health threats of using artificial Pesticides by EPA.

Reason 2 - Can kill beneficial insect species and affect the quality of crops

Applying artificial pesticides can kill species / animals that are farm friendly sometimes create more problems to the farmers and usage of artificial pesticides or insecticides over and over again on the crops can definitely diminish the quality of crops in the farm.

Reason 3 - Artificial Insecticides are costlier and or not environmental friendly

These chemical based artificial pesticides might look that they are effective, but the fact is these pesticides are more expensive than the organic pesticides/insecticides available in the market. The vegetables or fruits which you purchase from the farms where they use artificial pesticide can create a greater health risk to the people who are consuming it.

Generally speaking, Organic Pesticides/ Insecticides is the best solution for eliminating pests and insects, they are natural and environmental friendly which will only kill the pests and insects , not the quality of crops and build up a better world  and to create harmony between  the health and the method the food is produced, farmers are better advised to use organic pesticides, Organic farming is the best and safest way for farmers to increase their earnings and also create quality food to the  innocent people who are all consuming it.

Disclaimer:The views expressed by the author are not necessarily those of Plasma Power Private Limited. Reproduction of the articles does not in any way form an endorsement.

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