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Abolition of Tomato Hornworms in Gardens using certified Neem oil:

Hornworms are said to be the destructive worms in Tomato fields. Farmers and Gardeners witness an invasive attack of these worms every year because of haphazard control solutions. Worms in general cannot be treated like the other insects when it comes to eradication practice. They may be sensitive or resistive to certain products or methods, and it up to the individual to choose the right one. Hornworms apparently called as Tomato worms are serious pests that can ruin the whole tomato farm in short span of time. If these worms are left as such in the field then it is sure that the cultivator can reap nothing out of what sowed.

Hummingbird moth is the adult stage of hornworm and size of this worm is the largest among caterpillars widely spread in parts of United States. Physically, hornworms are green in color, which helps to camouflage between the plants, and so it is difficult to spot them despite their size. Intensive monitoring can sort out their presence, but then it is tough to control them as they proliferate rapidly. With all these characteristic features, definitely it is challenging for a gardener to fight against their vast population.

Simple hand picking technique of worms is, nevertheless, an option to control the worms and application of a synthetic obviously cannot be the best choice to offer concerning some environmental issues. Alternative method of Organic treatment will help to keep the insect controlled withholding further proliferation ensuring safety to the surroundings.
Extract of Neem oil is a well-known organic insecticide widely used to manage the invasion of insects and their proceedings. Furthermore, the oil is said to have proven positive in controlling the insects with the presence of a vital insecticidal constituent called Azadirachtin.

Instead of opting for a synthetic product or spray for hornworms, a much trusted Neem oil can be given a trial. Moreover, certified Neem oil by either EPA or OMRI purposely adds more value to the oil as an insecticide. Protecting the environment even during the application of insecticide is indeed a responsibility of every single gardener and farmer to ensure, which can do with the help of certified Neem oil.


Author: Adam Teaser - neem articles

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